Welcome to Oxygen Bar Bolton

Breath fresh air over 30 different flavours to try

Oxygen bars are used to relax, unwind, relieve stress and anxiety of the everyday hustle of the modern world. Although we cannot make any medical claims about the health benefits of using an oxygen bar, our opinion is there is nothing better than getting purified oxygen into your lungs.

Aroma's - Most higher-end gyms and spars will have an aroma room. This is like a steam room but aromas are filtered out (usually menthol) to cleanse the body and soul. Well our aroma's do a similar thing, with over 30 different *powdered aroma's to choose from, you'll definitely get your desired flavour

*We use all-natural powered aroma's not oil, in our machines. The oil aromas tend to stay in your system and have a "after taste" this does not happen with the powders

A great selection of wines and cocktails plus oxygen!

The oxygen machines give out 90% fresh oxygen, on average the air we breath has 21% oxygen.

The benefits.

Fresh oxygen makes you feel good, it’s that simple, that’s why doctors put a oxygen mask on patients instead of telling them to breath normally. We cannot claim the obvious health benefits oxygen gives but we can say the facts that it makes you feel great.

We have 30 different flavours available if people want to try.

We have offers on the cocktails £5.95 each, two for £10 etc. We are doing the cocktail trees for larger orders.